Parsons Rump

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Extra Large or Wide

Size Guide

Pony up to 14.2hh (Upto about 5’6″ rug)

Between 14.2hh and 15.3hh – probably a short horse, I will need the measurement from the back of the saddle to the top of the tail.

Horses between 16hh to 16.3 above I will need measurements.

Whether you require a pony or horse rump is more to do with the width of your horse’s bottom than the length of back.

If you would like to send a photo via e-mail and I can advise you.

Custom Size

I will need 3 measurements in either inches or centimetres and a couple of photos of your horse with the saddle.

  1. From the back of the saddle to the top of the tail
  2. From the centre of the horse’s backbone over the point of hip down to the twine — Place a piece of twine under the girth straps level with the bottom of the saddle, stretch it tight along the side of the horse so it’s horizontal and take the next 2 measurements.
  3. Down the side of the tail from the top to the twine