Parsons Rump

Be Seen - Keep Safe

What happens when the Rump gets caught on a branch?

The Rump is held on by three straps with a loop attaching to the saddle and a piece of Velcro™ attached to 3 D’s on the Rump.

I have designed the Rump so that, all things being equal, it will break free and be left hanging on whatever it caught on.

I can honestly say I have tested it sometimes on purpose (just to make sure it works) and when I have mis-judged turn on the forehand through a gate. On every occasion, the Velcro™ pulls apartand left the Rump hanging on whatever it caught on.

I also ride through woods but have not found branches to be a problem. I had the idea for the Rump 2005 have used it all through the proto-type process sorting out what worked and what did not. The Rump has been test ridden by various friends, and to-date the worst that has happened is my prototype Rump ripped apart but to be fair it was made on a dressmaker’s sewing machine and I had altered and re-sewn it several times.

However, horses are unpredictable creatures and nothing can be guaranteed; I have not yet found a rug that cannot be ripped to shreds.

How does the Rump attach to the saddle?

Leather T fitted into a standard width gullet

Metal bar or D attached directly to the back of the saddle saddle

Double loop strap that fits around the saddle flap for saddles with neither a D nor standard width gullet

Can a Rump be used with a harness, a roller, surcingle or over a rug

Yes, please let me know as you will need a longer centre strap. I have used Parsons Rump as a stand alone hi-viz item on my horse but I strongly recommend the Rump be used as part of a complete ensemble.

“Does the Rump get blown about in the wind?”

No, in all the years I have ridden in a Rump I have never found this to be a problem.

Just a footnote from me for those of you that buy a Rump and add extra Hi-viz yourself, please be careful what you use.


Look at the picture and what do you see first? I see the yellow stripe on the riders T-shirt. The reason? The proto-type rump is covered in 25mm light reflective tape (the grey tape), for use at night and I found it camouflaged the horse during the day and did not give the desired effect.

I use Reflexite® tape as it is flourescent by day and reflective by night, there are cheaper alternatives but not for me and my horse.

I have used Parsons Rump without wearing any other Hi-Viz; however in this day and age of busy, tired drivers who are perhaps not paying full attention to the road can I strongly recommend that Parsons Rump is used as part of a complete Hi-Viz ensemble.