Thank you to the Models

Thank you to all the owners, who lent me their horse’s bottoms to use as models and an even bigger thank you to the horses for allowing me to pin and cut pieces of webbing on their bottoms and for their endless patience.


Below are a few of the models and designs that did not work for one reason or another.

Jóra from Old Hills, my trusty steed and dress makers doll, who has patiently stood while I tied bits of bailer twine around her bottom, then pinned and cut webbing while I perfected the design and rode off around the countryside checked all worked and stayed put.

 Freddie, (aka Lansdown) born 10th May 1988, he ran 68 times, mainly over hurdles, 10 wins, 9 x 2nds and 14 x 3rds, now a retired gentleman being kept in the luxury he deserves.

 Spencer, Freddie’s best friend and companion, unfortunately his race career was somewhat less illustrious.


 Doris, Welsh Section ‘D’, who does the odd jumping competition and happy hack.

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