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Arrived safely and put to good use immediately. Excellent . With all my other hi vis bits we look like a xmas tree on six legs !!!!! Thank you . HP

The 3 zoe specials arrived tonight & I popped Ozzys on when we rode out & it was fab. I've had alot of drivers comment on my hi viz exercise sheet & I think the rump is even brighter. & it can be worn all year round too. I can't wait to give my friend hers - it's an early xmas present.  I'll try to get you a pic of my two in their rumps. Thanks so much. Your service was great- very professional & I can't recommend you highly enough. Hannah

Thank it the best hi viz ever I was stopped by 3 cars today that said thank you for wearing hi viz. It gives them more time to slow down. And Tilly likes it to thank you Margaret :)

We just manged to squeeze in little hack out yesterday (between the excessive heat and the storm !!!,) with some of the Lodge Farm Riding School ponies. And to make sure our precious ponies were as safe as possible, and very visible to other road users, here are Megan & Jasmine 'modelling' their 'Parson's Rumps' !!! Thank you Jan for these fantastic bits of Hi-viz equipment - Very Highly Recommended !!! Ann - Lodge Farm Equestrian Centre.

I do feel a lot happier on the roads now I feel I am more visible. I bought some small flashing bicycle type lights many months ago and have one on the tail flap and the other on the chest junction, should I need them.  The 3 Parsons Rumps are well worth the money. Margaret T 15th February 2015

We have several & in different colours they are fab! All Icelandics should have them.... Lol

I love my Parsons rump x

Wouldn't be without ours x

We have had a dress rehearsal and it all fits very well, thank you. The strap that came with the breast girth has come in useful too. It has all been so well made; you sure have given it a lot of thought. Superb craftsmanship too!! M-A & Ruby 20th December 2013

Skuggi's got a Parsons Rump :). When you are road-coloured, it's a must-have piece of kit J L 28th Novemeber 2013

Secret Shopper Mary for Your Horse magazine

I have one of these and it's fab - had it for about 18 months now I think and still looks great. I had the extra strips of tape put on for a few pounds extra and it's great on my cob Jennie L-B 22nd June 2013

These people do the most fantastic hi-viz rump! Far, far better than ANY of the exercise sheets we've tried.  I think they do a range of colours too! Highly recommended! Gill M 6th February 2013
Jan, we were stopped by two other riders today when J and I were out with our Parsons Rumps on. Or rather the horses had them on. They told us they could see us miles away and were really impressed. Have passed on your details. Philippa 8th January 2013

Product of the Month in Horse Magazine August 2012

Dippy wore his new outfit today - somehow I don't think anyone can miss him!!!!! We LOVE it - a fantastic item that doesn't slip like his reflective rug did and makes me feel a little more secure in him and my daughter going out and about especially with the boy racers we have around here! Many, many thanks!!!! Xxx Gill 5th August 2012

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I bought one for my old horse and it was superb, a good fit and did not restrict movement. I still use it now on Huge Horse, (but it is a bit on the small side,) as it stops him sweating up as much as a sheet.
We love it, just wish it was a little bit bigger now.  HudsonsDad

I think they're fantastic, and I wish they'd hit the wider market. Horses don't sweat up in them, but they have the same visibility as a normal exercise sheet. They don't slip or move either Trolt

The Rump arrived yesterday,  I tried it today & am absolutely delighted! Thank you very much - Fiona 26th March 2012

Scanned from farm 'n' equine magazine - November 2011 - Issue 79 - http://www.farmnequine.co.uk/equine.php

Jan - they arrived today :o) Thanks so much for such a VERY speedy service. Can't believe you custom made one and sent it out the same day I ordered it - if only all company's were so great. Thank you, thank you.... gonna try them out tomoz :oD -Mandy A*r*s
I've had my Parsons Rump since the end of the summer. I was absolutely thrilled to find it as my horse is unclipped and out all winter so would sweat under a waterproof fluorescent quarter sheet.
It is a brilliant idea - well done.

The Rump came in yesterday! Very nicely made, Thank you so much!!  Shari 17th October 2010

I have recently purchased a Parson's Rump for my young horse. I love this idea to help reduce accidents from vehicles approaching from behind. Jan Parson's is an experienced horsewoman, and I wish her success in her business venture. xx Sue 8th October 2010

Super item, fast dispatch many thanks. - Matt 31st August 2010

Fantastic product, made to suit me. Ex communication. Parsons rump fantastic A1 -  Zoe 17th August 2010

I have received my Parsons Rump and have used it today on Nector bee.... I have to say I am quite pleased with it and so far, it is doing the job admirably well!!! Easy to fit, user-friendly and looks good.. Yep I am glad to have bought it... can recommend! Potto 16th July 2010

These new Parsons Rumps are fabulous! Maximum visibility zero sweating. Cannot recommend highly enough :-) Bitless Bridle Equestrian Centre

At last an alternative to making our turned-out 24/7 horses visible on the roads, without them sweating under a waterproof quarter sheet!Sheila 4th July 2010

Just a quick note to say thank you for the prompt, warming and helpful service that you have provided to me with this in mind I have had no problem in recommending Parsons Rump to others. -  William 24th June 2010

We stumbled across Parsons Rump via a search engine. I had a few reservations about using an online service as it is often impersonal and I worried about the quality of the product, as the price looked extremely competitive. I needn't have worried excellent quality and very helpful, very quick service.Trudy 14th June 2010

I just wanted to go on record and say the quality of service, and product I have just received, thanks to you.  Great price and delivered on time. I will continue to place orders with you. -  Doff 24th May 2010


I must tell you how impressed I am with your service. I really appreciate the quality of your product and the level of service we have received.  Thank you. - Annie 22nd May 2010

Hi Jan,
Just to let you know how pleased I am with my Parson's Rumps.
The majority of the hacking we do is on country roads and I am very conscious of being seen to be safe.  I loved the idea of the Parson's Rump when I heard about it.  So much so that I bought two!  One for my own horse who is a warm boy with a reasonably thick coat and is never fully clipped out so, unless it’s very cold, a full sheet is a bit much for him.  And one for my loan horse who is a bit of a porker and needs all the calorie burning he can get.  Covering him in a warmth-trapping sheet is not ideal!  

My parcel arrived quickly and I was very pleased with the contents.  I found the Parson's Rumps easy to fit and very adjustable with the horse size fitting both my strapping 16.3 hh lad and my 15.2 hh middle weight cob.  I think they are a fab idea being lightweight but with a large coverage area which gives great visibility.  A big thumbs up from us!
- Cheers Ali Kay, 13 May 2010.

Hi Jan, I tried my Parsons Rump today, it was great!!
Made me feel much more visible, and fitted well. - Joanne 9 May 2010

I first came across the Parsons Rump when I was asked if my two ponies at the time would be test cases. I adored the design and was really impressed with the idea I could keep reflective coverage without my ponies sweating up which was a major concern of mine.

I have subsequently brought one for the young mare I ride. We have no off road hacking and as she was very hairy and unclipped I felt a mesh sheet would be too hot. I now feel far safer on the roads knowing that we are as visible as possible and I don’t have to worry about her over heating. I’m a true convert and do not plan on using a traditional exercise sheet again. Annette 21 April at 20:22 

SUPER SPEEDY delivery, BRILLIANT quality! Helpful seller! Perfect!  Thank you for all your help, and it's a fantastic product-exactly what I was looking for! - Buyer: Donnajo 131 13 April 2010 12:39

Well made, a bit tricky to fit but once on stayed in place and made the traffic look! - Bernice 02 April 2010

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