The Manufacture of Parsons Rump


I make Parsons Rump on a Singer sewing machine (treadle type), made at a factory in Clydebank Scotland in January 1932.  It requires no electricity to work just leg power. 

Parsons Rump is truly a cottage industry, as you can see the sewing machine is in the corner of my lounge and I sit and make the Rumps in the evenings or on rainy days when I cannot work outside. 

I sew around the Rump twice, firstly to sew the vertical straps and D's in place and second time to secure all straps with an X or V of stitching for durability.

Reflexite® tape - EN471

I use Reflexite tape because I feel it is far superior to other types of fluorescent tape, it is more expensive but I feel well worth the extra cost.

Enjances design as well as safety
Reflects in colour
Easy wipe clean
Home laundering at 40°c

Reflexite® Micro-prismatic Technology

Reflexite® has proven to be the most optically efficient way of ensuring long distance visibility at dawn, dusk, in the work zone, on the roadway, at sea or in any environment where visibility is compromised.

Prismatic technology works by refracting light from its inner surfaces.  Light strikes each of the three surfaces of the Reflexive micro-prism, before returning to its light source.  The retro-reflective efficiency is enhanced by the precise arrangement of the micro-prisms, as seen in a microscopic view.  The micro-prisms economical use of surface area delivers the highest standard of retro-reflection.  This returns light to the original source by as much as 80%, meaning enhanced visibility for the person or object.

How the Rump is attached to the saddle


The Rump is attached to the saddle by three straps.  Firstly to the girth straps by an adjustable loop of webbing; the third strap attaches to leather ‘T’ that fits into the gullet of the saddle.


All three straps are attached to the Rump by Velcro™, this creates a weak point and if per chance the Rump gets caught then all things being equal, it will break free.  I can honestly say I have tested it sometimes on purpose (just to make sure it works) and when I have mis-judged turn on the forehand through a gate. On every occasion, the Velcro™ pulls apart and left the Rump hanging on whatever it caught on.



The ‘T’ attachment is made from off-cuts of good quality leather left over from the saddle manufacture.

I have used Parsons Rump without wearing any other Hi-Viz; however in this day and age of busy, tired drivers who are perhaps not paying full attention to the road can I strongly recommend that Parsons Rump is used as part of a complete Hi-Viz ensemble.



Washing Instructions



I wash my Rump at the same time as my girth and numnah on a 40° wash with non-bio washing powder, no conditioner, and then air dry. 



Machine Wash, Warm

Initial water temperature should not exceed 40C or 105F.

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