My Horse of a lifetime

My breed and Horse of a lifetime

The Prologue

I worked in a riding school and while taking clients out for their hack I kept bumping in to little hairy beasty’s clattering along the road.  Öskubuska came to the riding school and I started to ride her, by this time I knew they were Icelandic’s and had a funny gait called Tölt.  Unfortunately Öskubuska was not very forthcoming with her Tölt and I didn’t have a clue what I was asking for so; we just had a couple of goes at something in nothing.  However, I found in this little mare a tough sensible horse that would go anywhere, keep up with the thoroughbreds and be level-headed when they were all skitting around.  I liked this little breed.

One day Fi and Lu came up behind us and I asked if they would help my client find Tölt on Öskubuska, Lu duly said yes and started to explain, I said “don’t worry about me I’ll just trot along behind” at which point Fi had a brainfart and offered to swop horses with me.  I duly climbed onto Flórens and Fi onto mine (at this point I feel I ought to point out it was Patches an Icey not a silly Thoroughbred) and I suddenly found myself rattling along the road with my brain in total melt down – Wow! I loved it.

Finding of my first Icelandic

My life moved on, my son grew up a bit and I found myself in a position to once again own a horse, there was no contest on breed it had to be Icelandic, I contacted Fi and arranged to go over and meet and greet her gang and learn more about them before I started to look seriously.  I rode out with Fi and Lu on my new friends Flórens and Eldur who all taught me loads.  I watched others being started and while I lent on the fence this little Brún mare kept coming and standing with me even though all her field companions were elsewhere.  I asked about her but unfortunately she was only partly broke and I was looking for something that had done a bit, so not for me, however, I didn’t realise at the time but I had been chosen and the decision was no-longer mine.

The summer moved on and this little Brún was still under my elbow and by this time in my heart too, all of a sudden she was being vetted, shod and delivered to me.


GULP!!!!!!!  I owned Jóra from Old Hills!

(Please excuse the Nora Batty Jods)


Seven years on I have a wonderful hack and companion.   We have over the years had our trials and dis-agreements and settled all amicable, we have come to understand each other.  The biggest problem I have is her looking after me while out on hacks, she would spot something and decide if it was dangerous or not and take appropriate action which on some occasions meant I ate dirt, once I figured out that giving her a pat and telling her she was a good girl for spotting said Burdock leaf and that there is no Icelandic eating monster hiding in the shadows we step sideways and pass it with a good stare which will shrivel any hiding monster.

The Epilogue

Over the past 50 odd years I have ridden all sorts of horses and ponies, done dressage, hunted, jumped (which I was never very keen on – couldn’t see what everyone raved about?) and a bit of horse logging, however no matter what I did there was always something not there although I didn’t realise it was missing until I rode Flórens that day – it was Tölt.  So, in one fell swoop I have found my horse and breed of a lifetime.