Fitting Instructions

Parts of the Rump

Attach the Rump to the centre strap and adjust the length so the fluorescent yellow /\ sits snugly either side of the horse’s tail and the red fluorescent flap hangs part way down the tail.

The new design centre strap can be cut to legnth and heat sealed.

Please remember to measure twice and cut once

There are three ways to attach a Rump to your saddle - please see FAQ for alternative methods.

How to fit the Leather T into the saddle gullet


Please note that the top of the /\ should be at the top of the horse’s tail.

(/\ = Upside down V that hangs either side of the tail)


Put the side straps on the front girth strap either over or under the second girth strap (as you prefer).  Adjust the length of the strap to allow ample slack in the side straps to accommodate the back and forth movement of the horses’ hind leg. 

You should be able to place a hand on each of the horses’ buttocks with sufficient room to turn your hands outwards (the same position as for fitting a throat lash).

The position of the side strap can be adjusted up or down the girth strap, (depending upon the shape and movement of the horse) to ensure the Rump stays in place.

Do not fit the Rump up to the saddle the fillet strap will be to tight and restrict the movement of the hind leg



As a general rule of thumb, the first strap should be on or behind the horses point of hip, however that does depend on the shape of your horse and it may be necessary to have the first strap in front of the point of hip to ensure the top of the Rump and /\ are in the correct place, however please double check that the horse can move his hind leg in the Rump.


Please email me if you have any questions about the fitting the Rump (with a couple of pictures) I will be happy to advice. 


Parsons Rump is purely designed to enhance the horse hindquarters and is not suitable for securing the saddle or to be used as any part of a harness.

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