Bespoke Rumps - Extra Reflexite (Zoe Special)

Zoe was the first person to ask for extra Reflexite® on her Rump and I have named this style of Rump in her honour.

 The Original Zoe Special and Zoe's new Rump




Extra Reflexite® (Zoe Special)

This style of Rump will be made to order, under normal circumstance I can make one within 3 – 5 day,  however certain times of year I get very busy and it may take up to 10 day.


Before you order please contact me and I will let you know how long it will take to make.
Below is a diagram illustrating where extra Reflexite® can be added @ £1.00 for each 30cm.

Please state when ordering which of the numbered pieces you require; l'll then send you a PayPal invoice and add them to your Rump.

I have webbing in Yellow, Orange and Pink; Reflexite® in Yellow and Flame Orange. 

I can mix and match all colours to your personal specifications.


This diagram is not to scale.

Below are small selection of Rumps with different colour combinations

Standard Yellow Webbing Rump with no additions

 Yellow webbing with flame orange Reflexite made as a Zoe Special

Yellow webbing with yellow Reflexite

 Yellow webbing with the addition of 3 x flashing arm bands sewn onto the Rump

 Miniature Shetland Rump in yellow webbing with flame red Reflexite

Standard pink Rump with yellow Reflexite

 Pink webbing Rump with yellow Reflexite

Pink webbing partial Zoe Special with yellow Reflexite

 Pink webbing Rump completely covered in yellow Reflexite

 Standard orange webbing Rump with yellow Reflexite

 Orange webbing with yellow Reflexite

 Orange webbing partial Zoe Special

Glow in the dark - orange webbing with yellow Reflexite

I insist Purple Rumps are Zoe Specials as the idea of a Rump is to stand out from the surroundings

Purple webbing with orange Reflexite

 Purple webbing with yellow Reflexite

 Purple webbing with a mixture of orange and yellow Reflexite


Matching pair of Bespoke Rumps



I have recently been ask to make a Rumps with flashing lights, below is a short video of a finished Rump. 

If you would like a Rump like this please contact me as I/we will have to buy the LED flashing armbands from eBay and because they vary in both quality and price you need to choose what you would prefer, all I need is ones with webbing backing and I can fit them to your Rump

YouTube Video