Bespoke Rumps - Extra Reflexite (Zoe Special)

Zoe was the first person to ask for extra Reflexite® on her Rump and I have named this style of Rump in her honour.

 The Original Zoe Special and Zoe's new Rump

Extra Reflexite® (Zoe Special)

This style of Rump will be made to order, under normal circumstance I can make one within 3 – 5 day,  however certain times of year I get very busy and it may take up to 10 day.


Before you order please contact me and I will let you know how long it will take to make.
Below is a diagram illustrating where extra Reflexite® can be added @ £1.00 for each 30cm.

Please state when ordering which of the numbered pieces you require; l'll then send you a PayPal invoice and add them to your Rump.

This diagram is not to scale.

Below are the colours of webbing and Reflexite I keep in stock, 

I can make Rumps in other colours buying the webbing from eBay which is much more expensive.


A small selection of Rumps with different colour combinations


I insist Purple Rumps are Zoe Specials as the idea of a Rump is to stand out from the surroundings

Rumps with flashing lights  

If you would like a Rump like this please contact me as I/we will have to buy the LED flashing armbands from eBay and because they vary in both quality and price you need to choose what you would prefer, all I need is ones with webbing backing and I can fit them to your Rump

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